Chapter 076, Man, from Holy Quran

Paylaş; başkaları da faydalansın!

76. Time, Man (Ad-Dahr, Al-Insán)

This chapter has 31 verses.

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

1. Has there not been over Man a long period of Time, when he was nothing – (not even) mentioned?

2. Verily We created Man from a drop of mingled sperm, in order to try him: So We gave him (the gifts), of Hearing and Sight.

3. We showed him the Way: whether he be grateful or ungrateful.

4. For the Rejecters we have prepared Chains, Yokes, and a Blazing Fire.

5. As to the Righteous, they shall drink of a Cup mixed with Kafür,-

6. A Fountain where the Devotees of Allah do drink, making it flow in unstinted abundance.

7. They perform (their) vows, and they fear a Day whose evil flies far and wide.

8. And they feed, for the love of Allah, the indigent, the orphan, and the captive,-

9. (Saying),”We feed you for the sake of Allah alone: no reward do we desire from you, nor thanks.

10. “We only fear a Day of frowning and distress from the side of our Lord.”

11. But Allah will deliver them from the evil of that Day, and will shed over them a brightness and (blissful) Joy.

12. And because they were patient and constant, He will reward them with a Garden and (garments of) silk.

13. Reclining in the (Garden) on raised crouches, they will see there neither the sun’s (excessive heat) nor excessive cold.

14. And the shades of the (Garden) will come low over them, and the bunches (of fruit), there, will hang low easy to reach.

15. And amongst them will be passed round vessels of silver and goblets of crystal,-

16. Crystal-clear, made of silver: they will determine the measure thereof (according to their wishes).

17. And they will be given to drink there of a Cup mixed with Zanjabíl,-

18. A fountain there, called Salsabíl.

19. And round about them will (serve) youths of perpetual (freshness): If thou seest them, thou wouldst think them scattered Pearls.

20. And when thou lookest, it is there thou wilt see a Bliss and a Realm Magnificent.

21. Upon them will be green Garments of fine silk and heavy brocade, and they will be adorned with Bracelets of silver; and their Lord will give to them to drink of a pure drink.

22. “Verily this is a Reward for you, and your Endeavor is accepted and recognized.”

23. It is We Who have sent down the Qurán to thee by stages.

24. Therefore be patient with constancy to the Command of thy Lord, and obey not to the sinner or the ingrate among them.

25. And celebrate the name or thy Lord morning and evening,

26. And part of the night, prostrate thyself to Him; and glorify Him a long night through.

27. As to these, they love the fleeting life, and put away behind them a Day (that will be) hard.

28. It is We Who created them, and We have made their frame strong; but, when We shall exchange their likes.

29. This is an admonition: Whosoever will, let him take a (straight) Path to his Lord.

30. But ye will not, except as Allah wills; for Allah is full of Knowledge and Wisdom.

31. He will admit to His Mercy Whom He will; but the wrong-doers,- for them has He prepared a grievous Chastisement.

Paylaş; başkaları da faydalansın!

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